Operations Supervisor (Spokane, WA)

Company Name:
YRC Worldwide Inc.
Manages all activities of drivers and dock workers in End of Line facilities. Utilizes available resources to move freight in the safest and most cost effective manner to meet or exceed customer expectations and to achieve company goals.
1. Develop daily delivery plan utilizing equipment, manpower and other resources to ensure an effective, efficient operation.
2. Supervises all activities of drivers and dockworkers responsible for efficient loading/unloading of trailers along with productive pick-up and delivery of freight at customer locations.
3. Manage work assignments, monitor performance and provide training on job duties, company policies and procedures.
4. Communicates company safety program and enforces safety rules and compliance with all government regulations.
5. Ensure proper work methods are utilized at all times.
6. Utilize independent judgment and effectively recommend personnel actions in accordance with company policy, procedures and contractual language. Provide appropriate coaching and documentation of actions.
7. Completes necessary paperwork accurately and in a timely manner to ensure an efficient and steady flow of information.
8. Extensive knowledge and effective use of the local union contract
1. High school education or equivalent.
2. Knowledge of proper freight handling/loading techniques.
3. Effective organizational, planning and prioritization skills.
4. Effective verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills.
5. This is a 24/7 operation. Must be flexible and willing to work any schedule.
1. Bachelor''s degree in transportation or related area.
2. Knowledge of company policy, procedures, and applicable collective bargaining agreements.
3. Familiarity with mainframe computers and/or PC applications.
YRC Worldwide is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Date: 2014-05-07
Country: US
State: WA
City: Spokane
Postal Code: 99216
Category: Operations Management

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